translated from Spanish: Martin Iribarne submitted his resignation to the anFP board

The ANFP suffered a severe blow at the beginning of this week after the resignation of Martín Iribarne to the board was known, for “irreconcilable” differences with the president of the national football Sebastián Moreno.The former general manager of Unión La Calera began to have problems with the agency’s command in Quilín in the case of the player Erick Wiemberg. Deportes Valdivia accused Iribarne of abuse of power for his acting in favor of the ‘blinds’ in the case of the left-back that was followed by the University of Chile.Even Moreno asked iribarne to resign in mid-January, which the latter flatly refused. “I’m not going to quit. If there was any reason I would, but in this case we are far from it,” he said at the same time. However, the former Caleran regent finally decided to leave the table in Quilín and leaves the board running at the required minimum (four members). With this departure there are already three directors who have left the board since the arrival of Arthur Salah’s successor to the presidency. Previously Andrés Fazio and Jacques Albagli.De a new discharge from the board, Sebastian Moreno would be left at the gates of leaving the presidency of the ANFP when he had to call new elections.

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