translated from Spanish: Patient fell from the sixth floor of Gustavo Fricke Hospital in Viña del Mar: he was hospitalized and was a suspect in Covid-19

An incident set off the alarms on Monday at Gustavo Fricke Hospital in Viña del Mar, as, in circumstances being investigated, a man who was hospitalized, suspected of being positive in Covid-19, would have fallen from the sixth floor of the compound.
According to the hospital, «a patient with a suspected COVID-19, admitted to the new compound, would have suffered an accident, as he was found in the early hours of the morning on the third level of the building.» After the accident the patient «was immediately rescued and transferred to the Hospital Emergency Unit, where he underwent resuscitation procedures,» while «he is currently undergoing tests to determine the severity of his injuries and will be transferred to the Critical Patient Unit.»
From the management of Gustavo Fricke Hospital they said that «the hospital has security measures, with personnel on each floor of the building, next to the constant monitoring of patients by each care shift» and that «in the face of what has happened, these measures will be reinforced».
The person had been hospitalized since yesterday as a result of a breathing chart and was also a suspected case of coronavirus.
The event was notified to Carabineros staff and the Public Prosecutor’s Office for investigation.

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