translated from Spanish: Sebastian Villa: ‘I never exercised violence of any kind on my ex-girlfriend’

Again via Instagram, footballer Sebastián Villa denied having exercised «violence of any kind» on his ex-girlfriend, Daniela Cortés. who denounced it last Tuesday.

«First of all I want to say that I’ve never exercised violence of any kind on my ex-girlfriend, Daniela Cortes, or any other woman in my entire life. I am against any act of violence. I am a peaceful and very believing person,» the Colombian player wrote on the social network.

Along with an all-black image and a post that prevents commenting, he added that he «had not made any manifestations in the media» because he considers «that the disclaimer of such an accusation is to be brought to justice.» I pray that the truth will come to light as quickly as possible,» he added.

Meanwhile, the case against Villa advances: on Thursday 30, Judge Horacio Hryb – in charge of the case – issued him with a ban on leaving the country. That same day, Cortés was reviewed by a legist doctor of the Victim Assistance Program and testified before the prosecutor of Esteban Echeverría Verónica Pérez.There she ratified her accusations against the player for physical and psychological assaults, whom she also pointed out for also threatening her family – who resides in Colombia – if she did not leave the house of the private neighborhood Saint Thomas , in the town of Canning.

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