translated from Spanish: Susana Tonda resigned from sename address

The director of the National Child Service (Sename), Susana Tonda, resigned during Monday in her post, as confirmed through a letter sent to agency officials. As he wrote in the farewell missive, it is an «indeclinable» decision. «The main reason I had to make this decision is that, given the events of the last few days, it has become clear to me that I do not have the confidence of my direct leadership,» he said, adding that this «is essential to hold a position like this, even more considering the tremendous challenges in which we are committed.» I understand that it is possible to have different technical opinions, including making mistakes, but doubting, or insinuating a public doubt however small, as to the intention of the permanent search for the permanent good of children, I simply had not been able to accept,» he added. He also argued that «I deeply regret not being able to complete the path started, but I am calm that I have made significant progress in a structural reform of the Alternative Care System, 13 family residences are already a reality in place of the Creads, a model of mass and impersonal care that as a State cannot justify. Cread remains to be closed and family residences to be opened, but the path is already laid out.» News in development…

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