translated from Spanish: The fall of home banking, a new victim of memes in networks

The first Monday and day of the month seemed to be quieter for everyone. Although the pandemic continues, the paperwork cannot be stopped and people must meet their usual payments for tartans, expenses, alqulers and so on. However, argentine pages were given to fall all together. First it was in AFIP, on the day when they started registrations to apply for credits at a rate of 0% for monotributists, and then different international banks struggled on their websites, which sparked a whamnt, outrage, but a disclaimer of memes and comments on Twitter.La favorite social network for complaints, again had their trend spikes with home banking and ingenuity posts took over the afternoon in the country.

The home banking of Galicia, Santander and BBVA is being over-issued. It is currently working to solve it—Inerte coal bar (@inertecarbon)
May 4, 2020

Enter home banking. Ok. User. Ok. Password. Ok. Password change. Ok. Current and new twice. Ok. He’s got to have numbers. Ok. And capital letters. Ok. Session closed, enter user. Ok. Password. Ok. Not that one. Not that one either. Nono negry. Account blocked—candelary (@kndlones)
April 30, 2020

Original source in Spanish

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