translated from Spanish: Finance Minister said he was not satisfied with cencosud explanations

Ignacio Briones argued that “beyond the legal and the formal, it is not a good sign”, because of the distribution of profits, while employees of the company were subjected to the Law on Employment Protection.

The Minister of Finance, Ignacio Briones, said that he was not satisfied with the explanations provided by Cencosud, after the company made dividend distribution over the legal limit, while one of its subsidiaries, took over the Company’s Empleo.La Protection Act, through a statement, said that the profits distributed corresponded to operations in five countries and that only 7,731 employees of the company , the Employment Protection Act had been voluntarily accepted, a measure they described as transitional, until the partial reopening of the stores began.Also read: Zaldívar, on the Paris case: “It seems to us that the background should be brought to the attention” of the courtsIn statements to Infinite Radio, Minister Briones assured that “the explanations to me do not leave me satisfied” and added that “at times like this, where we are many Chileans making very large sacrifices, the most vulnerable sectors are being hit especially and that should worry us and motivate and move us.”Also read: Piñera asked entrepreneurs to “protect the jobs and health of their workers as a first priority””We must best share the costs that this crisis entails, the signs are very important and I think that this signal, beyond the legal and the formal, is not a good sign,” the authority added.

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