translated from Spanish: Trot and bike masks? Experts discuss its effectiveness

While it is not recommended by specialists and the call is still to stay in the houses as much as possible, it is true that today it is common to see people jogging or cycling in the streets. However, some claim that co2 buildup when breathing inside a mask could cause dizziness, headaches or blurred vision.
In this regard, César Kalazich, a medical deportologist at the Meds clinic, acknowledges that effectively breathing inside a mask «could eventually cause a slight buildup of CO2 and that reflect annoying symptoms such as dizziness, feeling unwell and looking blurry.»
He says that within the Chilean Society of Sports Medicine, of which he is president, there has been debate about the effectiveness of the mask when playing sport. «We agree that it is not necessary. If you’re going to jog, it’s better to do it in line opposite who’s ahead and who’s doing it back. This at least 3 meters away. If it’s a bike that space can be extended to 5 meters,» he tells hoyxhoy.
On the accumulation of CO2 and annoying symptoms, the bronchopulmonary doctor of the Dávila Clinic and the Clinical Hospital of the U. of Chile, Felipe Rivera says that this could happen at any time, not only in exercises, in those who use N95 masks, as they are airtight. It is yes, that with homemade or surgical masks, this should not happen.
On these inputs in people who perform outdoor sports, Rivera believes that it is always better to use them, but those of fabric or surgical, not excessively airtight ones.
What about pregnant women? While there are not enough studies to endorse or refute him, the bronchopulmonary doctor Felipe Rivera, says those who might have bothersome symptoms with prolonged use of masks are pregnant women. It recommends that you rest from the protection every one or two hours to avoid dizziness and headaches.

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