translated from Spanish: 18 deputies enter a pre-trial quarantine for contact with lawyer possibly infected with Covid-19

Alarm bells were set on in the Chamber of Members and Deputies, as a lawyer from the Committees on Public Works and Fisheries notified the table that a family member with who has direct contact had tested positive for Covid-19.
Immediately, the RN Diego Paulsen directive activated protocols that seek to prevent the spread of the virus within the institution.
Because of this, Paulsen decided to «suspend tomorrow’s special session. We can’t sit back without certainty it’s going on. We can be a massive focus and we’re not going to risk any officials or any parliamentarians.»
This session tomorrow could be done telematically. This requires a quorum of 2/3, but «there is no denying access to Congress. We weren’t going to risk having 50 deputies in the room. That’s why I decided to suspend as you can’t do 100% telematics.»
So far it has not been confirmed that the lawyer is a carrier of Covid-19. But, as a precautionary measure, 18 MPs went into precautionary quarantine for having been in contact with the professional.
Such result of the attorney’s examination will be reported tomorrow.

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