translated from Spanish: Mirtha Legrand decided not to go back to television, after Goldy’s death: “This has been very strong”

These are tough months for Mirtha Legrand. The driver had to move away from her lunches after the government decreed preventive, social and compulsory isolation (also considering that she is part of the most vulnerable population to the virus); her granddaughter, Juana Viale, occupied.

However, the death of her twin sister, María Aurelia Paula Martínez Suárez, better known by her nickname Silvia Legrand or “Goldy”, hit Mirtha’s spirit very hard to the point that she decided not to return to television, at least momentarily. Marcela Tinayre, her daughter and also a driver, commented on it in dialogue with Los Angeles de la Mañana (LAM), where she mentioned details of the hard present that the family goes through. Among them, he asked if he would return to the canal to be at the front of his lunches and dinners. “He told me not at the moment. When it was my brother, I was afraid because I’d been like a fortnight without leaving his house. When I saw her I remembering her telling me that she had signed two contracts, that she was ready to return. This time it was different,” he said. Remember that the renowned filmmaker and brother of Mirtha, José Martínez Suárez, or “Josecito” as he was known among his closest, died on August 17, 2019, another of the harsh circumstances that the driver had to go through, and for which he also went to his program.

Mirtha and Goldy, the sisters

“She has to recompose as we all have to get back together,” Tinayre continued. “This has been very strong, and the coronavirus also burns your head a little. That and losing a loved one… the symbiosis between these two twins out there, many don’t understand it, but we who lived it, didn’t lie to you, talked five or six times in an hour,” he said. At the moment Juana Viale will continue in the driving of the program even if it is not decarta that Tinayre joins some dates. In this note:

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