translated from Spanish: Quarantined: Donate 380 cell phones for Sename boys and girls to communicate with their relatives

In order to enable children of the National Child Service (Sename) – which are kept in strict quarantine as a result of the coronavirus – to maintain communication with their relatives, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights – received the donation of 380 cell phones of the latest generation, which will be destined for the different residences throughout Chile.
«We know how difficult the estrangement of their responsible relatives or adults for the children and adolescents who are part of the Sename network can be in the context of the pandemic that today affects our country. For this reason, we are looking for all possible partnerships to provide solutions, in this case through technology,» said Minister Hernán Larraín, who added that this measure will benefit Youth Justice Centers, Collaborating Agencies, and direct management centres.
Meanwhile, the Under-Secretary for Human Rights, Lorena Recabarren, stressed that «this pandemic forces us to think of new ways to help those who need it most, and today thanks to a public-private agreement, we can improve the communication of these children with their loved ones, reducing the effects that this estrangement can generate and better safeguarding their fundamental rights».
For his part, the Under-Secretary of Justice, Sebastián Valenzuela, argued that «this initiative is very important because despite the contingency we want to maintain and strengthen the connectivity of children with their family networks, with their responsible adults, and that this has the least possible impact on their processes of reintegration and reintegration».
Thus, today morning, the aforementioned authorities, in addition to representatives of Sename, symbolically received a part of the teams from the CEO of Huawei Chile, Dou Yong, in a private activity held at the new Family Residence of Carlos Antúnez, located in the commune of Providencia.
Over the next few days, the Ministry will send the teams to the Seremías de Justice and Human Rights, so that they in turn, in collaboration with the regional directorates of Sename, send the teams to the different residences.
It should be noted that this initiative will benefit more than 5,500 children, who will be able to make video calls and other communications with their loved ones, since for several weeks the various sename centres throughout the country have been complying with a strict quarantine, the result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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