translated from Spanish: The conflict in The Devout prison ended with a 7-point deal

After a long negotiation that began on Friday, April 24 with the riot in the Devout prison and the dialogue table that began the next day between the Prison Service, the national government through the Ministry of Justice, the prisoners and the Prison Procuration, reached a 7-point agreement. 

This agreement was signed by the parties on Wednesday and envisages a next step, where an even wider dialogue table addresses “the historical deficits of the prison system.” “A concrete and permanent working methodology on the proposals made and the improvement of detention conditions” will be initiated there. At that table, at the request of the prison attorney, the Ministry of Health will also be added. The points of agreement are: Form a working group that addresses the prison issue in an “integral” way, outside this context but that would work in parallel with this dialogue table, adding different social actors and representation of the collective of people deprived of liberty beyond the already assumed representations of the State.
The representatives of the pavilions and the authorities present agree that the so-called “collective conflict/claim” initiated on 24 April has been concluded.
Maintain a commitment to improve hygiene, health, COVID-19 prevention and feeding conditions. 
Work on improving the criminological criteria and reports prepared by the prison authority.
Maintain the periodicity of the meetings of this dialogue table where the members of the progress of the work carried out in different areas will be made to the attention and that were the subject of the requests of the representatives of the inmates present here. 
The commitment made to prevent transfers was maintained as a result of the events that occurred last Friday, April 24 
Ward representatives offer to assist in the refacings and/or repairs to their places of accommodation. They also presented a “Humanitarian Aid” project for the manufacture of health and hygiene products within the framework of the pandemic.

The next meeting between the representatives mentioned above and those who can join in to face global reforms of the federal prison system will be on May 20 at 10 a.m. 

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