translated from Spanish: What Thalía’s sisters do

Thalía’s sisters win her popularity again, but this time it wasn’t because of her beauty, but because netizens want to know what the women who have defended her younger sister from everything. Laura Zapata’s half sister of the singer has worked as an actress for several years, her last appearances in the soap operas has been as a villa and currently has a good relationship with interpret of I remember, from whom she distanced he for a time.

As everyone knows Federica is the eldest of the sisters of Thalía’s mother’s second marriage and works as an archaeologist and is a passionate woman of history, she has stayed much more in touch with the press contrary to her two sisters.
For those who don’t know Federica suffers from an inherited disease called angiodema which nearly snatched his life last year.
Gabriela Sodi is a very popular painter from Mexico City and has a great relationship with urban artists, who invite her to prestigious ceremonies and events.
Finally we have Ernestina Sodi mother of the actress, Camila Sodi, who after living a terrible kidnapping in 2002 next to her older sister Laura Zapata has preferred to stay away from the middle of the show, but works as a writer.

It is worth mentioning that Thalía is in mourning at the moment, as one of his closest fans died of coronavirus, so he is very sensitive.

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