translated from Spanish: Jorge Lanata v. Clarín Group: “We’re getting paid half as much as last year”

Since 20 March, social isolation, preventive and mandatory to quell the contagion curve and the advancement of COVID-19, has been in Argentina. In this context, festivals, events and sports and entertainment activity were suspended. However, Jorge Lanata has already arranged his return to the screen of The Thirteen with his program Journalism for All (PPT), by May 10 although not in the terms he would have liked. He said this in his program Lanata without filter, by Radio Mitre.

While the economist Martín Tetaz held his column about the negotiations, the driver interrupted him and discharged his situation to the air. “Don’t even talk to me about negotiating with the channel, don’t talk to me. He values me little,” the reporter began. “I can’t tell you, but to give you an idea, the channel is paying us half as much as last year,” he continued, although such was the insistence of his colleagues that he ended the subject: “Sorry. I’m not going to talk about this, I’m a jerk.” Days ago, Lanata had spoken out about the same situation during the pass with Marcelo Longobardi on the radio. “I was censored by one of the ads I made. They asked me to make one with a beard and I thought I’d cut it up and put a pucho on it. I thought it was fun and well Lanata,” the driver said.

However, it seems that this idea did not please the canal. “A sleeve of assholes. I was told that could not be done, that it could be illegal. I don’t understand why they hire me. They hire me because I’m different and when I’m different they censor me. It’s crazy that,” he said. The song resumed on the show when Marina Calabró told her, “It’s to take care of him, Lanata and to avoid the controversy.” You don’t have to take care of me and don’t with me about being taken care of. I take care of myself, ” he answered furiously. “Well, I think I’ll be right back. Maybe not after this comment,” he concluded. Internal
From Intrusos, Jorge Rial and his team revealed other data. Among them that journalist Luis Majul decided to cut minutes off the program so as not to compete with his colleague and that the mode of Lanata’s return could take rotation of drivers.

“He is an independent producer. What he’s saying is that to make his show they’re going to give him half the money they gave him last year. ‘PPT’ is a program that requires a lot of budget for the research notes they make,” said Adrián Pallares, while Rial stated: “The same logic is being applied with Marcelo (Tinelli). You’re going to have to do your show with the same guita of last year despite the inflation.” In this note:

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