translated from Spanish: 470 people with coronavirus in vulnerable neighborhoods in Buenos Aires

During the official daily part of the situation in the country by coronavirus, the Undersecretary of Health Strategies, Alejandro Costa confirmed that the number of people died due to Covid-19 remains in 293 and that in total there are 5611 confirmed cases. Carla Vizzoti, Secretary of Access to Health of the Nation, reported that in the vulnerable neighborhoods of the city of Buenos Aires, 470 people with coronavirus were detected in the last two weeks, representing 30% of the district’s cases.

The secretary detailed that in the tests carried out in CABA, in the Mugica Neighborhood of Retiro 333 cases were confirmed and in the villa 1.11.14 were 105. “If we add up the more than 30 cases in other popular neighborhoods it gives us a total of 470 detected,” vizzoti explained.Those figures indicate a percentage of positivity of 60% per 100 studies conducted in those clusters. “It does not mean that 60% of the neighborhood is with cases, it means that of 100 people tested 60 tested tested positive,” he said, adding that of the total cases in the City since the beginning of the pandemic (1713), “30% was detected in these neighborhoods in the last two weeks.”

Given that information, he said that these tests in territory are going to be extended, together with the Ministry of Social Development and the Governments of Buenos Aires and Bonaerense, to other neighborhoods in vulnerable situations: “We continue to identify epidemiological scenarios that require special interventions”, highlighted Vizzoti.De the 5611 cases accumulated since the start of the pandemic in Argentina, 67% occurred in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA). “This is why, the epidemiological differences at the country level, which led the President to decide to extend preventive and compulsory social isolation until May 24, intensified in the AMBA,” she said. In this note:

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