translated from Spanish: Collective invites you to support from home this May 10

CDMX.- This May 10th all Mexican mothers will be celebrated in their homes, unable to go out to eat and celebrate their day for the health contingency of Covid-19.In contrast thousands of mothers will have to stop their impetus to go out to the streets and avenues to shout that May 10 is not partying, is of struggle and protest!

In the middle of phase 3 of the health contingency that aqueris Mexico and the rest of the world, mothers’ day will be lived in a way we would never have thought: locked up at home. To get the latest news about coronavirus, sign up by clicking on this space and we’ll send you the information instantly. That is why a group of mothers standing in struggle and search for their sons and daughters victims of enforced disappearance who, every day of mothers go out to march for them, invite you to join their day of struggle from your home and through your windows and social networks. You might be interested: No trace: Authorities have not supported the family of missing during the pandemicThe Family Collective in Search Maria Herrera summons everyone to join in their cries, slogans and demands for justice in the search for their children who are victims of enforced disappearance.” Visibility that this May 10th we accompany from our homes all the mothers of missing persons.” Therefore, through a message on a cardboard that you show from your windows towards the street you join their desire that soon they and them, return home.
These are the details of this call:Print or make your sign and paste it in your house, window, street, door, etc.
Share your love with mothers. Turn on a candle on the night of May 10th and send your photo or video so they know you’re with them.
Send us your photo or video with the hashtags:
#MadresEnBúsqueda #CorazonesEnMarcha #HastaEncontrarles

The steps to follow./Photo: Courtesy

Because the disappeared ones are missing all our things! Collective Family in Search María Herrera.

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