translated from Spanish: INEGI makes amendments to the First Half 2020 Dissemination Calendar by Contingency

Mexico.- Derived from the impacts generated by the health emergency that impede the mobility of staff of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), as well as face-to-face interviews, the Governing Board of the Institute approved modifications to the Calendar of Dissemination of Statistical and Geographical Information and of National Interest of INEGI for the first half of 2020.
As reported on may 1st, the publication of the results of the National Consumer Confidence Survey (ENCO) of 7 May (reference to April) and June 4 (referrer to may) was cancelled, in the face of the impossibility of conducting direct interviews during the health emergency.
For the same reason, INEGI suppresses the dissemination of results of the National Survey on Occupation and Employment (ENOE), corresponding to 27 May (referring to April) and 23 June to come (with reference to May).
Given the relevance of this information to the country, the Institute is working on the survey of the Telephone Survey on Occupation and Employment (ETOE), as well as the Telephone Survey on Consumer Confidence (ETCO), the results of which will be available at the end of May and June of this year.
The Telephone Employment and Employment Survey will allow to know statistical information about the workforce and the occupational characteristics of the population at the national level, as well as sociodemographic variables that allow to deepen the analysis of the labor aspects. For its part, the Telephone Survey on Consumer Confidence will provide indicators on the degree of satisfaction of the population about their economic situation, that of their family and that of the country.
Another alternative program offered by the Institute during May and June will be the Survey for the Measurement of the Impact of Covid-19 in the Labour Market (ECOVID-ML), which will allow to obtain indicators on the main occupational characteristics of the population and its impact resulting from the health emergency, reduction of working hours, absence of work, loss of employment, decrease in income and work at home, among others.
In addition, this survey will provide information on health measures in households, how society stays informed and health care in households, among other indicators.
Finally, it should be noted that measures arising from the health emergency may affect other INEGI information programmes, so if there are impacts on quality, coverage or otherwise, they will be disclosed in a timely manner in the Technical Notes accompanying their publication.
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