translated from Spanish: Medical College postpones its elections as opposition raises the tone of its criticism to Siches

Because we are in the middle of a pandemic and at a time when the guild has a key role during the emergency, the General Assembly of the Medical College (Colmed) decided to postpone its internal elections, which were scheduled for the last week of this month, however they will finally remain by August.
Just over two months after the start of the pandemic in Chile, the candidates to lead the Colmed so far are the current president of the organization, Izkia Siches, who could repost the post, and the “More Medical” list led by surgeon Renato Acuña. It is worth mentioning that the Medical College has played a key role in the fight against covid-19 and its current management, Izkia Siches, has been one of the most critical of the management of the Minsal and has become a fundamental counterweight to the government’s handling in the face of the emergency. But Siches’s popularity doesn’t keep everyone happy inside the guild, and the President of Colmed herself has had to clarify that she is not looking to run another kind of election and has even stepped up praising the work that Sebastián Piñera’s administration is doing in the pandemic.
“The President is always looking at the numbers and has had a very proactive attitude,” he said yesterday in an interview with Radio Cooperativa.
Despite Siches’s defense, a colmed sector has a critical view of its management, because it believes it does not worry about the internal issues of doctors, such as profits, bonuses and the Country Club
According to Emol, the opposition led by Dr. Acuña is committed to putting the focus back on doctors and according to the professional who plays at the German Clinic and the Father Hurtado Hospital, “we belong to a group that we are about to make the Medical College a union entity and not a political springboard, because at the moment it seems more like an opposition political party than a guild”.
The doctor running for the Colmed presidency emphasized that the entity should be for doctors and doctors. In that regard, he noted that “you have to recover the country club, which is debt-held and closed by an electrical problem for two years and if the board had put the same effort that he put in DD. Hh. and at the press points, we’d have a luxury club.”

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