translated from Spanish: Spanish footballers’ union condemned leaking of the name of a player who tested positive for Covid-19

The Association of Spanish Footballers condemned the disclosure of the identity of an Atletico Madrid defender who tested positive for COVID-19. Several Spanish media outlets reported on Friday that Renan Lodi, of Atletico Madrid, had contracted the coronavirus. On Saturday, the mattress club spread a message on the subject on its official Twittter account.The text, along with a photograph of the zaguero, says: “(at)renan–lodi sends you a greeting from home. We’ll see you on the lawn soon, Renan!” In a statement issued Saturday, the players’ union noted that the disclosure of Lodi’s identity violated Spanish law that protects her privacy.” The legislation of our country makes it clear that… under normal circumstances the company cannot force any worker who has taken the leave to say what ailment is due,” the Asociación.Se noted how it transcended that Lodi had tested positive.” This union regrets and rejects the situation of absolute defence in which certain LaLiga footballers are placing, as their identity is leaked after giving positive… These behaviours are reprehensible from the point of view of Spanish law, understanding that it is a reserved information, and uncovering it causes the derivation of responsibilities,” added the footballers’ guild. Over the past week, professional players in Spain have been allowed to return to their clubs for individual training, while conditions are expected to resume the campaign on a date to be defined.

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