translated from Spanish: The Covid-19 vaccine should be accessible in Mexico, such as the flu vaccine

Mexico.- The currently developing coronavirus vaccine should be accessible to the entire Mexican population as is now the flu vaccine even if it is not in the mandatory scheme, said Jorge Castañeda Sánchez, researcher at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM). The specialist said the government should invest in purchasing the product once its efficiency and safety are verified. The professor in the Department of Biological Systems of the UAM Xochimilco Unit said there are two “vaccine attempts in the United States and China” – where the SARS-CoV2 outbreak, COVID-19-causing virus – began – but could be within six months to a year when the latest tests are available, before determining whether they serve. You may be interested: Pfizer initiates a coronavirus vaccine test in the United StatesThe US is trying with state-of-the-art technology and although research labs try to have it as soon as possible, they cannot advance the times because such development requires certain scientific and technological stages, as well as efficiency and safety testing. One of these processes could be “functional, however, the fire test is missing to know how much it will protect and what its adverse effects would be”, as it could be very positive and generate immunity, but it also carries a risk and is the phase in which it is.”

Although there are medicines against coronavirus infections that caused SARS and MERS, in the case of SARS-CoV2 there is no such thing as any, however attempts with some drugs, which have not been fully successful, so it is up to the industry industry to continue experimenting with new molecules potentially useful in the therapeutics of COVID-19. Castañeda Sánchez argued that there should be a global strategy involving entrepreneurs and governments to gather as much information about the virus as possible, in order to produce a drug or vaccine shortly in order to contend with the ongoing pandemic. Continue prevention measures
Pharmaceutical companies should be sensitive to the situation affecting everyone, although like any private firm, the generation of patents and the distribution of a good has to do with money. As long as we “do not have immunization against COVID-19, we should not panic socially” let alone ignore the disease, as if it did not exist, as the population must continue with the precautionary measures correctly, in accordance with the recommendations of national institutions and the World Health Organization (WHO).

They’re looking for the coronavirus vaccine. Efe

People should know “that we have already gone through several pandemics, which is not the first and in some history of epidemiology I could find what happened to Spanish and Hong Kong fevers; SARS; MERS, and H1N1, in which Mexicans were the protagonists in 2009; perhaps later there will be more viruses, bacteria or other microorganisms that could cause some suffering to large groups of inhabitants.” The only thing that “remains to be prepared for what we have to do and follow the instructions of the agencies that are engaged in the study of these types of pandemics”. “The vaccine should not come out of our bag, but governments will have to invest in obtaining it and apply it in additional inoculation schemes, like there are now,” the UAM PhD coordinator for Biological and Health Sciences concluded. You may be interested:Create vaccine against cholesterolCovid-19 will be part of our life until a vaccine is found: UNAMVacuna against coronavirus is announced by Israel


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