translated from Spanish: As a mother THE DEBATE

For my mother The Origin. Happiness ends when you get rid of the mother. At that moment the discomfort begins: of the others, of the environment and of the body itself. From that moment on we were forever grateful to her. They’re all going to struggle in their average chances to help their kids. We will always remember that they are human beings, no more so that we idealize them as a sacred figure. Part of giving them away, most importantly, must be that on this day that is remembered: that they are human beings. Let’s each go, kind reader, to do that exercise of humility. She’s our mother, and, she’s a human being. He has a great attribute, the love he professes to us. And everyone has, too, that love. So, there is a tribute to each of them, on this day, to those human beings, to mothers for giving us life and that love. This May 10th is in the midst of a difficult situation because of the pandemic. However, it is also an incentive to remember that she was there to give birth. That of her we come. And, in that memory talk, write, call, and, as you can, tell her mother, I love you mother, I will see you soon. And for those who don’t have it here on this planet, turn to heaven at night, you’ll see that a star, following The Little Prince, is her smiling and seeing them. Each, celebrate in the midst of the pandemic and crisis with a memory to their mother, how everyone likes and can. Congratulations mother! Soon we’ll see each other and you’ll be able to hug your grandson the youngest, watch him dance, tell you that you’re very pretty. Congratulations mother! You’ll see, soon this is going to happen and we’ll get back together and smile. PARAGRAPHS: POSITIVE
Yesterday I received the positive result of the COVID test. The test was taken on Tuesday, May 5. So by prescription a 14-day isolation is followed. I will remain attentive to the obligations as a teacher and as a public servant. Today I thank my father for the advice of taking care of food, exercising and taking clinical exams and cardiological consultations periodically. And, of course, we will continue in this space commenting on politics and the Sinaloan happening. Here we read the next mié

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