translated from Spanish: Italy lost 20 billion euros in tourism to the coronavirus

Italy lost 20 billion euros in the tourism, hospitality and catering sector, which accounts for 13% of the country’s GDP, to the coronavirus pandemic and recorded fewer tourists since March than in the same month of the previous year. After suffering 218,268 infected and 30,395 dead, one of the countries hardest hit by coronavirus, it is stabilizing the curve with a d smaller contagion trend and wants to revive its economy. «The economic impact between March and May is dramatic, with an estimated loss of 20 billion euros for hotels, restaurants, transport and shopping,» said Coldiretti, the country’s largest association of agricultural entrepreneurs.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte revealed that this European summer citizens will go on holiday to tour the country and will not be locked up because it would mean an even greater loss. «This summer we will not continue on the balconies and the beauty of Italy will not remain quarantined. We can go to the sea, the mountains and enjoy our cities,» he said.
«We can go to the sea, to the mountains and enjoy our cities»

He added: «It would be good for Italians to spend their holidays in Italy, even if we have to do it differently, with rules and precautions.» In addition, Italy’s Federalberghi hoteliers’ association confirmed that this year they will lose an estimated 17 billion euros of revenue spread over about 300 million less tourists this year.

The Executive Branch was notified to allow the reopening of the more than 24,000 rural hotels spread throughout the national territory, which in 2019 housed 14 million tourists. «If, at the epidemiological level, the situation remains under control, we will be able to agree on some progress with the regions. The important thing is to act on the basis of continuous control, because we would pay huge costs if we commit recklessness,» they said.

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