translated from Spanish: Larreta announced new activities and businesses allowed in CABA

The Head of Government Porteño, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, confirmed this morning in a press conference that the quarantine is still in the City of Buenos Aires, and that from next Tuesday he will ask the Executive Branch to start adding activities and businesses under “strict guidelines of estrangement and care”. These initiatives are because even though the people were tripled circulating, there has not been an exponential increase in cases in CABA, which, together with Greater Buenos Aires, will remain in phase 3 of quarantine. Larreta confirmed that some shops will open their doors from 11 to 21 so as not to collide with the morning rush hour. And in addition, it can only be entered depending on the last number of the document.
“From Tuesday on, bookstores, musical instruments, flower shops would open. From Thursday jewelry and other shops to the street. People are going to be able to go buy from these premises by document. Those who end even days and odd days on odd days, Monday through Friday,” the official explained. The shops that will open on Tuesday 12 in a time range of 11 to 21 will be: bookstores, toy shops, flower shops, perfumeries, decoration, electrical materials, appliances, musical instruments and bicycles. Food outlets: In “To take away” format in restaurants, bars, breweries and other gastronomic premises. From 11hs and no closing time limit, Monday to Monday. “We will add a first stage in construction and add the moves, which can only be done on weekends,” he added that also on weekends children under 16 will be able to go for a walk around the neighborhood less than 500 meters and not more than an hour. In construction only excavations and demolitions. From 6 to 14hs, Monday to Friday and the administration of private schools and non-university training institutes will be from 11 am and with no closure limit. Finally, he concluded hopeful: “We will continue to add up activities if the cases do not go up and if the neighbors continue to comply. Each other’s social responsibility is the best of controls for this disease.” From Thursday 14/5 the following activities will be restarted: jewelry, watchmaking, bijouterie, furniture, car and motorbike concessionaires, and other retail shops except clothing and footwear. Finally, Saturdays and Sundays will be made moves. In this note:

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