translated from Spanish: Street court and sidewalk extension in Buenos Aires City

The head of government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, gave a press conference in which he released various measures that will be part of the flexibilization of the quarantine by the coronavirus that will be implemented from Monday.

The measure seeks to incentivize barrial trade by guaranteeing social and compulsory distance. This redistribution of public space will be carried out with partial and total cuts, demarcations on the roadway and the reduction of the speed of circulation in different axes of the City.Larreta explained: “It will be an important transformation of the City. We will expand lanes to the pedestrian space and in the places where there are more commercial premises we will cut the street directly.” With this, they will be able to intervene the space close to their trade to promote the personal distance in waiting and order the rows of users inside and outside the premises, as well as the area used by the delivery people. Traders must follow the protective measures in order to provide their services. To find out the instructions for each area, click here. Social estrangement must be respected on the sidewalks and that is why, in those with a large flow of pedestrian traffic, there will be demarcations: in Florida, Santa Fe and Callao, Las Heras and Pueyrredón, Rivadavia and Pueyrredón, 9 de Julio y Córdoba, 9 de Julio y Corrientes, 9 de Julio e Independencia, Corrientes y Lacroze, Boedo and San Juan, Alem y Corrientes, Rivadavia and Callao , Santa Fe and Colonel Diaz, Santa Fe y Juan B. Justo, Córdoba and Juan B. Justo, Córdoba y Pueyrredón, Córdoba and Scalabrini Ortiz, Juan B. Justo y Corrientes, Juan B. Justo y San Martín, Brasil y Lima, Eje Regimiento de Patricios and Avenida Ramos Mejía and Del Libertador.Regarding parking, Larreta reported: “We promoted the least possible use of public transport so that you can enter the city , but certain sectors like the center always had a restriction.” New parking arrangements Avenues where parking days from 7 to 21 is prohibited: allowed to park.
Avenues where parking is prohibited 24 hours: no parking.
Streets where it is forbidden to park business days from 7 to 21: allowed to park. 
Streets where parking is prohibited 24 hours: no parking.
Measured parking: not valid.
Restriction in Center and Pedestrian Courts: Does not apply to restriction (you can move without permission, but not park).
Pedestrian currents: vehicles can be flown between 19 and 2. This artery was for pedestrian use only within that time slot. Exclusive lanes for public transport on the right hand will remain operational 24 hours a day.
Garages: They will continue to operate with minimal guards.
Haul: They will continue to operate with minimal guards. On the ramps in corners, ochavas, over bus stops or access to garages remains in force the prohibition of parking during the 24 hours.
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