translated from Spanish: Caputto and eventual return of Marcelo Díaz to the U: «I think it’s fantastic»

The coach of the University of Chile, Hernán Caputto, left the doors open to the national midfielder Marcelo Díaz to return to the collegiate draw, where he won the 2011 Copa Sudamericana and also four national tournaments.
Remember that the native of Padre Hurtado and two-time champion of America with the ‘Roja’, today in Racing of Argentina, has expressed on more than one occasion the desire to play again for the schoolboy cast.
In the face of this, the blue stratigaist told Cooperative radio that «I am not uncomfortable at all, I find it fantastic that the players want to have the possibility to return to the club, especially players of the likes of Marcelo, and several players, also from other places, not only those who have played in the club».
«I think it’s super important to appreciate where they want to go, but this will be seen over time. You have to have a lot of respect for the players who are on campus, but logically if the possibilities are given together and in consensus, welcome be,» he added.
On the other hand, Caputto valued the season start of his squad, after a 2019 for oblivion. «We are the second team with the most goals in favor and the second team with the least goals against,» he said.
Finally, the former goalkeeper gave the go-ahead to FIFA’s decision to extend the changes per game to five, due to the long halt of the coronavirus activity. «The way I see it’s good and novel, understanding how many matches there will be,» he said.

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