translated from Spanish: Infodemia: From blessed to social networks

Since the War Room
By: Joel Alejandro Arellano Torres
Since the term INFODEMIA was heard on the morning of May 6, in the words of Jenaro Villamil, director of the Public Broadcasting System of the Mexican State, the pandemic that we live in the #Covid_19 suffered a «mutation», which the authorities say reached, for economic interests, digital platforms, even the media and journalists; who disagree with official information and that gives birth to so-called «Fakes News» or fake news.
During the morning conference, the Yucatecan journalist also reported that large digital platforms made juicy profits in this last quarter of 2020, however, he forgot that in 2018; These gave the party a better place in public opinion and ballots, even named by Andrés Manuel López Obrador as: «Blessed Social Networks».
However, when numbers or information does not favor, they are now «cursed», this after the alleged purchase of «farms» of robots or «bots» operated by neoliberals against the 4Q; Didn’t the party use these media techniques? Whoever is free from sin who throws the first stone.
And it’s even more curious than Thursday, May 7, the hashtag #PrensaProstituida trend on Twitter, followed by one that was called #RedAmlo generating a speech of hate and violence on the social network; infecting everyone on social media, showing that: «MEDIA MADRAZOS, DO NOT ABRAZOS»
And those who fail to stop the infection, this independent of the 270 positive cases of #Covid_19 that exist in this municipality, are the authorities of Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, after the morenist city council of María Itzé Camacho Zapiain made public the contract of Tax Company, which became an advisory company and collector of the property; this is done with drones, according to their technique, a modernization of the standard; In doing so, they intend to spend, according to their estimates, 80 to 300 million pesos for this concept; Not before, the queretana company, represented by the current Director of Municipal Liaison Diego Niembro Ugalde, with a percentage of 25 percent of the portfolio overdue, but especially of a taxpayer: Arcelor Mittal, a consortium owned by the Hindu Lakshmiyan Nara Mittal, who publicly declared a fight the same president of Buenos Aires, which he acknowledged on the same day that «it is not politics, but a trader».
However, the municipal authorities forgot to notify the Congress of Michoacán of this new maneuver, and did not rule in their Income and Egress Act of 2019, this «small» readjustment. We will see in which this situation ends, since metallurgical entrepreneurs do not yet set an official stance, while the city council designated as «spokesman» a morenist councilor supposedly from the magisterial struggle, which is common to see it in those coastal lands manifesting and blocking the train tracks, the same that this acerera company and others, use to move their raw materials. How to defend something, if you’re the first to assault? At the time…..
A new tragedy was recorded, on the night of This Saturday, May 9, in the municipality of Coatzacoalcos: Los Djs Armando Medellín Pérez and his wife Michelle Velázquez Hernández, both parents of a child of four months, who were killed while they held a «meeting» and broadcast a concert on social networks, inside the Revolution Hotel, near one of the headquarters of the State Police. There the hitmen arrived and gunned down both musicians, and wounded a cameraman and a waiter, and later fled, despite security operations and the restriction of mobility by the coronavirus.
Amid claims from municipal authorities and militants, due to their lack of capacity to face the Covid_19 in Veracruz, where they add up until this Monday, thousand 204 infected and 123 deaths, it seems that they come to correct the task to the state health holder Roberto Ramos Alor; President Tabasqueño will send the current director of the National System for the Integral Development of the Family, Rocío García Pérez, to stabilize the pandemic, which already placed the jarocha entity in eighth place at the national level with the highest number of contagions.

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