translated from Spanish: Jorge Lanata on Cristina Kirchner: «He has a psychological problem»

Jorge Lanata was the second guest of Truth/Consequence, a program hosted by Luciana Geuna and María Eugenia Duffard that aired on the TN screen. In full quarantine, from the privacy of his home and with a cigarette in between, the journalist did not shut up and spoke of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. The driver of «Lanata Without Filter» acknowledged being wrong when he called the vice president of the Argentine Republic a «poor sick old woman». «I was angry, sometimes I talk about more, » he mused. However, he later sentenced: «I think Cristina has a psychological problem, I don’t know what it is. I really don’t think it’s right.» On the coronavirus pandemic and how President Alberto Fernandez handles the situation he stated that he «has secretary attitudes.» Fernandez is between two lines he doesn’t handle: the pandemic and the economy and the two have a horrible result. They can’t be handled by one person. He was never a secretary, he is more of a secretary,» the reporter said, emphasizing: «Fernandez is not a secretary, he is more of a secretary than a secretary. He came to power by decision of someone with much more political volume than he did.»  Lanata said that for him «the last opening of the pandemic is excessive» and also «you have to tell people that this has not yet happened,» but that what he has done so far «is to buy time to put beds.» The TV driver said that in recent days he could see «how horrible this can be» and that «we can’t imagine the crisis» that the coronavirus can generate. In the game Truth/Consequence of the end, Jorge Lanata chose to choose between Alberto Fernández and Mauricio Macri rather than fulfill the consequence, which involved breaking the cigarette ties he smokes in a week. At the time of his choice, he stayed with Mauricio Macri. About the former president he clarified that he did not disappoint «because I never expected anything from him,» he said. And he called his economic management «just as terrible as what others have done.» Asked about his interest in politics, the journalist said that the leaders seem «mostly incredible mediocre, I have no political friends because he is incapable of having a dialogue with a politician, they are gross rates.» «I met all the presidents of democracy here and all the time there’s talk of interests, I don’t think so,» he said, though he slipped that maybe «with Carrió, who didn’t talk much, it would have been different.» «I’m going to die as a journalist, journalism brought me into the world. I come from the poor part of Avellaneda and this made me enter the world, I found myself in the most amazing places,» he said of his profession. «I don’t know if I’m powerful, it’s not something I use, I don’t do business, I don’t have companies parallel to anything, I don’t ask for any thought,» he mused. Finally, on his state of health, he confessed: «I don’t mind talking about my illnesses because I’m not guilty of them. They weaken me physically, but I always say that as long as my head works, everything is fine.» «The street has something very nice which is the feeling of eventuality, that anything can happen to you. I thank you aside because it’s a nice place, I feel like nothing bad is ever going to happen to me on the street,» he concluded. In this note:

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