translated from Spanish: San Lorenzo turned the New Gasometer into a COVID-19 testing center

Historically, San Lorenzo was a club linked to the social, the struggle of its fans and employees to stand in the face of adversity and the coronavirus pandemic re-lifted that spirit among the employees and leaders of the institution, who joined others to lend their facilities to health. Because of its proximity to the Padre Ricciardelli neighborhood (1-11-14), where 120 cases of COVID-19 were recorded, the «Cyclone» opened its doors to the Government of the City of Buenos Aires who set up a virus testing center under the southern grandstand and which will have the presence of Marcelo Tinelli, president, at its inauguration.

SAN LORENZO, CLUB SOCIAL ALWAYSThe Sports City of San Lorenzo becomes, in times of pandemic, a field hospital and a testing center. Once again, we are proud of our club. I love you like this, cyclone of my life.—La Soriano (@lasorianocasla)
May 11, 2020

«I am particularly grateful to Tinelli and the entire san Lorenzo structure that have given us this base of operations, where we can have the place of testing and where people can eat something while we wait for the results. And based on them, people are taken to hospitals,» said Fernán Quiróz, the Minister of Health of Buenos Aires. Who was also present in the activity and assembly of this health center to avoid congestion in sanatoriums and hospitals, was the Minister of Human Development and Habitat of the City, María Migliore, who thanked her for her commitment to one of the most vulnerable communities in the district.
On the other hand, San Lorenzo was also available to the State, either the City and the Nation, to set up a field hospital of up to 220 beds, in case it was needed in a possible peak of coronavirus cases, in order to avoid the collapse of the health system.

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