translated from Spanish: Traders in Culiacan ask for support to eat and survive pandemic

Sinaloa.- In anticipation of receiving some support from the authorities, tiangueros and traders of the center of Culiacan manifested themselves in the Government Palace. Hungry and upset that they couldn’t work for nearly two months, about 30 merchants demanded attention from the state governor. 

«Food is no longer at home, children expect food and there is no one who will come to provide that food, we have the disease of hunger we are already sick,» exclaimed Maribel Salazar, who works in the Tianguis of Culiacan and is a single mother. The Protestants were asking for pantries and, in turn, the possibility of being able to access a credit that they could afford once the contingency is over. 

«Mr. Governor, we’re asking for your support.» Photo: The Debate / José Betanzos

«It’s not money given away, we’re going to pay for it but we want to answer today, not tomorrow, not get sued and support us until the other year,» said Maria Araujo. It is about 4 thousand tiangueros and vendors of the center that are affected by the lack of sale and the inability to work in this quarantine. The Protestants spent hours on the esplanade of government, where later moment they were helped by the organization Culiacán Share and held a meeting with staff of gobienroT may be interested: Coronavirus Mexico: Latest news today 12 May about the Covid 19th cases of coronavirus there are in SinaloaDo you want to buy plane tickets by the end of the year quarantined?

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