translated from Spanish: José Luis Sierra: «I’ve evolved since I left Colo Colo»

National coach José Luis Sierra referred to his experience of directing abroad, saying that «I have evolved since I left Colo Colo». After leaving the Albo draw in 2016, the ‘Coto’ led Al-Ittihad of Saudi Arabia and Al-Ahli from the United Arab Emirates. In his time in the Middle East, the national strate strath won the Saudi Arabian Cup (2017) and the Copa del Rey de Champions with Al-Ittihad (2018). After leading for three years outside Chile, Sierra told El Mercurio that «I’ve evolved since I left Colo Colo, I look at things from a perspective before I didn’t have. Going abroad opens the horizon, forces you to add new tools and impose yourself. I feel like I’ve grown up.» On the other hand, the former midfielder commented on the importance of Arturo Vidal’s game for Barcelona. «Arturo gives him a feature that Barcelona doesn’t have, provokes things that others can’t, when he plays the team is less predictable, because he breaks in the area, it appears as a surprise, stops doing things as mechanized as the rest,» he said. In addition, on the tactical level, Sierra recognized his taste for the game of Josep Guardiola, now a Manchester City coach. «I like that way of playing, not retreating, being aggressive with and without ball, prioritizing the care of the ball, that we have it among all, a fast circulation of ball,» he said.» I wasn’t moving, I was trying to play, one, two maximums at three touches. I understand football as an associated game, to be played four and seven do something else is useless, I want you all in the same tune,» she added. Finally, Sierra talked about how football will be lived after the coronavirus pandemic. «Normality is going to take a little while, I imagine it will be without people in the stadiums. In the last time they paid high amounts of money and wages in the purchase of passes, and I think there was a contraction in that,» he said.

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