translated from Spanish: An estimated 300,000 tests for Covid-19 coming to Mexico

Mexico City.- Hugo López-Gatell stated that Mexico is not lacking or unsupposed by coronavirus testing during the Sars-Cov-2 daily conference, headed by deputy health secretary Hugo López Gatell, it was reported that Mexico will receive 300 thousand more tests for Covid-19 this weekend.
Money for testing we have, we have evidence, more come, the weekend comes 300 thousand additional tests and if we need 600 thousand more, we will buy 600 thousand more, Gatell answered the questions of a foreign reporter at this conference.

The tests will certainly allow a person’s disease status. Afp

The sub-secretary also stated that, there is no limit to evidence and stated that there is no lack of evidence in Mexico.He explained that the tests are aimed at epidemiological and severe surveillance, cases that are severe enough to be hospitalized, they are not necessarily the most serious, the full spectrum of severity, are recorded at 100 percent, and 100 percent must be tested Said.

It is estimated that after the return to normal life of the population, Covid-19 cases will increase. Afp

He said that of the 4477 people killed up to the report on 14 May, they were all tested for Covid-19, mostly before they died. You may be interested:Coronavirus in Mexico: 4,477 dead and 42,595 infected today May 14Cycllons, hurricanes and pron forecast storms for 2020: CDMX’s SemarGbierno enlists 6 criteria to return to the «new normal»

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