translated from Spanish: Jumapae Union seeks reinstatement of fireds with new manager

Escuinapa.- The arrival of Geovani Saracco Martínez to the management of the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewer of Escuinapa, has given a light of hope to the unionized workers who were dismissed during the administration of Juan Manuel Grave Inda.Julio Cesar Rivera Garibaldi, general secretary of the workers’ union of Jumapae commented that they have already had a rapprochement with the new manager , who since last 8 April who took the reins of this paramunicipal, has given a better job treatment to the entire union base.

The truth is that the work harassment that we have been suffering since the start of the current administration has been over, since the change of the new manager, all the colleagues are working hard, said Rivera Garibaldi.

He continued ” We are waiting, because when the new manager arrived he told us that he would reinstate the 10 (unionized) colleagues who were fired by Juan Manuel, but to date he has not responded to this request.” He said that he has already been approached several times by the manager to remind him of the reinstatement of the colleagues, but his response has been that he has to consult with the Jumapae Council and that so far there is nothing.

The general secretary of the Jumapae union. Photo: THE DEBATE

The leader of the Jumapae unionized has raised the need for employees who were laid off, as with the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic they remain without a job force that can provide their livelihoods for their families.” The 10 colleagues who were dismissed are having a good time, because they have family, other children of school age and do not have a job to provide them with food and solve their needs,” said Rivera Garibaldi.He reported that of the 10 workers, they only demanded 6, of whom they have followed the corresponding legal process and the first hearings have already been cited in search of an act of conciliation; The other four workers have not demanded, as by the time their casualties were generated, the problem of the Covid-19 pandemic had already begun.
The last four workers who were dismissed and who have not sued have stated and have raised that if they are reinstated, they will not demand fallen wages and will only ask for the equivalent of their working fortnights, he said.

Rivera Garibaldi commented that this Friday, May 15th he will have a meeting with the manager, to touch on the subject of the driver of the bactor truck, who returned from his vacation and was notified that he would be changed area. In that meeting will also be used to touch on the theme of the workers who were laid off during the management of the former manager Grave Inda.You may be interestedPandemia of Coronavirus has generated the low price of the calf in Escuinapa “Hell in Escuinapa” fires wood jab factoryAuto embed a motorcyclist in Escuinapa, there is an injured person

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