translated from Spanish: Amalia Granata incited to break quarantine: «If there is an abortion I go out»

Since 20 March, by the provision of the government and President Alberto Fernández, compulsory quarantine has been in Argentina. This implies that, respecting social estrangement, staying in our homes (and having the social privilege of it), contagions will be reduced and thus quell the curve of COVID-19 infected.

On Thursday, May 14, there was a spike in death toll. With 23 new deaths, the highest number was recorded, and in total, 353 people are killed and 7,134 infected by the new coronavirus.

Amalia Granata on Twitter

However, the Deputy for the province of Santa Fe, Amalia Granata, who defines heed as «pro-life» for her stance regarding the adoption of a law regulating the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, prompted to break with social and preventive isolation.

The reaction in the nets

«If there is abortion I go out,» he wrote through his official Twitter account, which reached dozens of comments and response given that the country (and the world) is going through a delicate present: many cannot choose whether to stay in their homes or not (either because they do not have the privilege or because they must go out to work to placate the virus) , and others face a tough economic moment due to the interruption of various activities.

The reaction in the nets

«Can anyone tell you the unfortunate role you’re doing?», «From the bench you have to leave», «You didn’t come out when there was no social isolation, and do you want to get out now?», «Of the pitiful role you’re doing you have to go out, Granata,» were some of the messages in repudiation to the deputy’s negligent comment.

The reaction in the nets
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