translated from Spanish: Bundesliga: Santiago Ascacíbar, no fear of replaying

Germany.- With the encouragement to return to the courts, Argentine midfielder Santiago Ascacibar of Club Hertha Berlin assured this day that he is not afraid to get coronavirus during his return to the Bundesliga, as he relies on the protocols that the League has made. The former Estudiantes La Plata player expressed his excitement and anxiety in the hours leading up to the match that his team will play against Hoffenheim on Saturday, May 16, so said in a talk the middle Télam of Berlin.
I’m not afraid to catch myself at all. We take two tests a week and that leaves me and my teammates alone. The authorities have taken all necessary measures to protect us. I’m looking forward to it and with all the energy to play again. Everything is lived with a lot of intensity,» he explained.

Ascacibar was very positive for the match, and promised that he would not change his style of play in the face of the danger of catching the virus: «I’m going to play the same way I always played, that’s what I feel you have to do. Once the game started and you get contact with the ball, you forget all the problems.»

«I’m not afraid to get it, we take two tests a week and that leaves me alone. All necessary measures were taken to protect us. My family is calm because they know how they are handled here in Germany,» said Santiago #Ascacibar #HerthaBerlin—gaston (@pablogaudio)
May 13, 2020

The 23-year-old returned to training with Hertha Berlin six weeks ago, however group practices began last week, so they already have a bit of a rhythm to play football again as before.
Every day we find out something new. The trip will be in two microphones to respect the distances. At the concentration we cannot serve the food, only the responsible people who accompany the team can do it. And in the common places we have to drive with a beard,» he said.

The Argentine also appreciated the German authorities’ health procedure to enable the return of the Bundesliga, which will be taken as a litmus test for the rest of the leagues in the world.
All necessary measures were taken to protect us, we will be the first major league to play again and all eyes will be on us. Since everything is going well several will set an example for us,» he said.

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