translated from Spanish: Guzman received three counteroffers and said there is «positive dialogue with the bonists»

The Ministry of Economy officially reported that it received three counteroffers from the privileged bonistas, with whom according to the words of the minister, Martín Guzmán there is «a positive dialogue with the bondholders»»We are committed to giving a sustainable solution to the debt problem and we want, under the positive leadership of President Alberto Fernández, to have a healthy and lasting relationship with our creditors», he noted. 
Amid the negotiations, the national official said: «We will continue to work on the debt front until we reach an outcome.» Until tonight, the country had received a single counteroffer and the minister explained: «We analyzed it and the bottom line was that the economy would not stabilize with that proposal.»

A future with opportunities for all and all requires sustainable debt. We thank the creditors who supported our proposal. Until this Monday, there’s time to extend it. Dialogue continues towards an agreement that Argentina and its creditors can sustain.— Martín Guzmán (@Martin_M_Guzman)
May 9, 2020

However, he noted that «there is a positive dialogue with the bonistas» that continues and stated: «We are flexible about the different combinations of parameters.» If there are different ideas that are consistent and respect the limitations we have, we are willing to listen to them,» he said.

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