translated from Spanish: Moria Casán spoke of the detention of Muhlberger and his experience with him

Rubén Oscar Muhlberger was arrested yesterday after the Ministry of Health of the Nation found several irregularities in the aesthetic medicine clinic he owns in the Retiro neighborhood.

Moria Casán is one of his faithful patients and that is why she was consulted about it. She stated that she does not know what happened and told Blessed Tv: «I have been watching with him many years ago. At one point we were in a fight and I stopped taking care of myself, but then he talked to me to come back and it was like nothing happened, it was the grudges. I was introduced to him by the dear Carlo Di Doménico (designer who passed away in May 2018).» I have no idea why he was raided by the clinic. What he has is a medical spa, to put on the sweats for the famous defenses that immunize you, that’s all. Your clinic looks like NASA, it’s from another world, but I don’t know if it’s a matter of paper. I find it the anti-age treatment you give me. I’m divine. First of all I owe it all to my genetics; and second, for someone to accompany you in addition to keeping a good diet,» he added.

Moria Casán and Rubén Oscar Muhlberger 

«I go mostly to increase immunity and improve defenses. The doctor knows a lot. I have no idea what happened. These are very sensitive moments,» he said. He clarified: «I’m not defending anyone. People aren’t very well and it makes sense, by Covid-19. But justice will prove it. In life you can do anything but not pay the consequences. Now, if the clinic isn’t in good condition, I don’t know. The doctor will know that and whoever judges him.»

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