translated from Spanish: Nicolas Castillo: «I’m afraid to come back and let something else happen to me»

Nicolás Castillo, National Striker from Mexico’s America, acknowledged the difficulties he has had in his recovery, after suffering a thrombosis last January, after being operated on injury. In conversation with Radio Pauta, Castillo stated after retraining that «it was like walking again, starting from scratch. I didn’t have thighs, I had no coordination.» I was on a stretcher for so long that at the time of stepping, I was given the current on the sole of my foot. And now being touching the ball gives you more hope and motivation in everyday life,» he added. Besides, the UC traine recognized that «I never crossed my mind to quit football, but it’s going to take me too hard to get back because it was a tough time.» In the same vein, he stated that «today I am afraid to come back and that something else will happen to me. Today I give more value to life, to take care of me, because it was difficult and, as my family says, they helped me from above, my grandmother.» On the sports side, Castillo stated that «there are still no deadlines (for your return to the courts) because you have to see it in the day to day. In June I have a visit with the doctor and I think from there I will see how the subject goes.» On America, the battering ram stated that «the club has been very good. The doctor comes every day to see me, they take pressure on me and give me the pills and the blood thinners, and the kinesiologist three times a week.» Likewise, he only had praise for his DT, Miguel «piojo» Herrera, ruling that «Miguel has surprised me quite It has behaved very well, I am alone in Mexico, without my family. He’s been a kind of father because we’re always talking, football or family, about the Chilean players he’s had, or his chances of going to Chilean football.» Not all teams find such technicians, with that experience or journey and that human quality. I’ll always be grateful for him,» the national striker said.

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