translated from Spanish: Tano Elizalde and the revenge he prepares for his wife Marysol Castro

Jhonatan Quintana Salcedo, a lawyer for Tano Elizalde, reported in an interview for the program Ventaneando that the cousin of the late singer Valentín Elizalde could sue his still wife Marysol Castro for the recent statements he has made in this same TV program Azteca.One of these statements by Marysol Castro, was that Tano Elizalde was allegedly involved in the murder of his cousin Valentín Elizalde. , that morning on Saturday, November 25, 2006, when he left the palenque de Reynosa, Tamaulipas. «We are seeking some legal action against Tano’s wife, who has been moving the waters, who has started some rumors, because we do not have the historical truth of the facts,» said lawyer Jhonatan Quintana Salcedo.

The lawyer of Tano Elizalde, leader of Banda Guasaveña de Valentín Elizalde, noted that as soon as possible the legal actions that will be taken against Marysol Castro will be made known. 
We would leave a civil action, because it would be because of the moral damage he has generated against Mr. Tano.

«There is no direct accusation, from the media or Tano’s wife, to say that the experiences they have told have been contenders.»

Tano Elizalde defended himself from the accusations
Previously the musician claimed in an interview for this show that she has never threatened Marysol Castro and her daughters, as she has stated. He also denied other accusations against him, only confirming having an affair with Gabriela Sabag: «I found love,» he said.
Today’s Tano is the happiest man in the world, I am in love as never in life I was, it is more I have never been in love and today I found love and happiness and the desire to get ahead.

Tano Elizalde is still willing, now more than ever, to launch his cousin’s bioseries where he claims he will tell the whole truth.

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