translated from Spanish: A cardboard stretcher that is made coffin: a controversial invention in Colombia

While the world is engineered the ways in which coronavirus can be fought in hospitals, avoiding an over-demand on health systems, a cardboard stretcher was devised in Colombia that also serves the function of becoming a coffin, if the critical situation warrants it. The ingenious and controversial structure was created by the company ABC Dysplay, which generates products of that material for marketing and stands in supermarkets and shops, which with the arrival and impact of COVID was forced to change its style of work and seems to have found its new item. Who explained these stretchers was Rodolfo Gómez, manager of the company, in an interview with Colombia’s La FM, where he reveals that the product is composed of 100% biodegradable corrugated cardboard and its design is intended for COVID patients, although it aroused outrage.

“This allows for a system to allow biological isolation of the patient who died. This is mainly intended for vulnerable populations where an ICU needs to be quickly assembled,” said the leader, who noted that this was thought after the crisis in Guayaquil, where the Ecuadorian government did not have enough coffins and there were bodies on the streets.” With this idea we are not thinking about what people who could use this bed can feel or imagine, we have only created an option that can be an aid to the health crisis that the world lives,” Gomez says of the invention, who says it is a material that fights the virus well, since it has living cells that eat the virus.” We really hope that our invention will not be very much required in Colombia,” he said, while also devising an international trade strategy, as long as it is squeated by lower-budget nations and a very high coronavirus crisis.

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