translated from Spanish: A joy for Neo fans, Matrix would pick up its recordings for July

The film had already begun filming since February of this year, and we even saw some photographs of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss.

(Leaked photo from The Matrix 4 filming).

However Warner Bros. had to stop the recordings, for reasons of public knowledge. But a recent publication of the magazine «variety» commented that The Matrix 4 would resume production and filming in mid-July of this 2020.De agreement with its sources the production granted an extension to the actors to maintain quarantine until at least July 06. Let’s remember that the first part had started recordings in San Francisco, and now it would be the location shift in Berlin.In August last year we knew that the franchise would come back from Lana Wachowsky and the cast of the original trilogy, as announced by Warner Bros director Toby Emmerich: «We couldn’t be more excited to retake The Matrix with Lana. Lana is a true visionary, a unique and original director, and we’re excited for her to write, direct and produce this new episode in the universe of The Matrix» So to cross her fingers, and hope to see Neo, Trinity, and Morpheo again. 

Original source in Spanish

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