translated from Spanish: Bolivian Chancellor Karen Longaric criticized Alberto Fernandez

This Saturday, the Bolivian interim government questioned the attitudes of President Alberto Fernández from his statements in a virtual meeting with the Puebla Group.As he transcended, Alberto Fernández would have called for Colombia, Bolivia and Ecuador to «unced against the conservative right». For this reason, Longaric took the opportunity to launch a tweet in response.

President @alferdez insists on interfering attitudes, calling on like-minded groups to destabilize legitimate neighboring governments. Bolivia rejects this conduct contrary to international law, which adds to the protection of the seditious acts of Evo Morales in Argentina.—Karen Longaric Rodriguez (@KarenLongaric)
May 16, 2020

At this virtual meeting on Friday, political leaders such as Pepe Mujica, Rafael Correa, Ernesto Samper, Dilma Rousseff and 2001 Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz spoke.» The great secret for Latin America to take on this challenge is for progressive forces to come together, otherwise we help a lot to make the conservative right survive and continue to handle things as it did all this time,» was one of the president’s sayings according to Télam.

Alberto Fernandez at the virtual meeting. Photo: Télam.

On the other hand, the Bolivian chancellor again criticized Argentina for giving political asylum to Evo Morales, whom she characterizes as a politician who has committed «seditious acts». In this note:

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