translated from Spanish: Fredy enjoys supporting the various leagues

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- It is extremely active and full-time, and the sport burst fell like a ring to the finger. Fredy Armando Acosta Castro gives himself time to practice good basketball, coordinate leagues and work as a referee.   How can so many occupations be combined with sport the way you do? Organizing myself with my times, always relying on the support of my family, making them part of this.

What is the most enjoyed in sport? I really enjoy the coexistence that is generated in each match, the implementation of strategies to achieve a goal. Basketball is one of your passions, how and where did you start a taste for this discipline? I played and played football and volleyball in primary school and represented the municipality of Salvador Alvarado in selective, but in high school a cousin, named Jesús Alfredo Camacho Castro, invited me to watch him play. When I entered UAS High School it was when I started training with Professor Eleazar «Chary» Castro, who is also my family, he was my driver in this beautiful sport that has given me many satisfactions. As a high school I attended several State, Interprepas. After Guadalupe Reyes, aka «El Gringo», who worked in the sports area of the UAS, offers me a place in the senior selection, with which I attended three national university events. In 2004 and 2005 I had the opportunity to be part of the team Halcones de Guamúchil and Halcones Dorados de Guamúchil as a youth of the Basquetbol Circuit of the Pacific Coast (Cibacopa).What do you enjoy the most, be an organizer, player or referee? I enjoy every one of them. As an organizer I enjoy living with team delegates and players, always trying to promote the taste for this sport and good values in the new generations.As a player, contributing my knowledge, living and learning from each of my teammates, and as a referee I really enjoy enforcing the rules for the game to develop in the best way, guiding in their doubts the players who require it Do you think that Guamúchil can be a good place for a semi-professional circuit like Cibapac? Of course, as long as the support in sponsorship and hobby is greater. Likewise, it is responsible for supporting the development of the Academy of Basquetbol Bulls of Guamúchil, so that in the future we have new prospects. I invite all the people of Guamúchil and surroundings to support the Toros de Guamúchil team, since cibapac is a talent development basketball circuit. What do you think it takes to raise the competitive level of basketball in Salvador Alvarado? I believe that first of all it is the support of materials and implements and good facilities, continue to support Gilberto Plascencia, who is the coach of this Academy of Basquetbol, support to go out to State and Cup competitions that are organized throughout the state of Sinaloa. All this serves as a blank and for players to value their own effort and that of other municipalities. It’s good to thank parents for getting involved in this and that they’re always keeping an eye on their children.

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