translated from Spanish: GPPT goes for unconstitutional action against the Michoacán Education Act

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán.- The members of the Parliamentary Labour Party Group (GPPT) in the State Congress, threatened to promote an action of unconstitutionality, contrary to the Education Law for Michoacán, approved yesterday by the LXXIV Legislature.
In a post-Special Session press conference, THE PT Members announced the legal action, which will be promoted through the State Commission on Human Rights (ECHR), for the alleged irregularities in the opinion of the law, as well as in its adoption.
The coordinator of the bench, Brenda Fraga Gutiérrez, stressed that the Commissions responsible for carrying out the opinion, did not take into account the different sectors involved in education in Michoacán, which limits and damages the application of the Law.
While the legislator, Baltazar Gaona García, who tried twice to sabotage the second reading of the General Law, called the approval of the opinion by the Local Congress «embarrassing»:
«We deeply regret that you have unconstitutionally approved this Act which is authoritarian, because no one’s opinion was taken into account other than those who approved it, left the indigenous people forgotten, to special education to many sectors that are part of this field in Michoacán.»
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