translated from Spanish: Ignacio Praslow THE DEBATE

Dr. Ignacio Praslow was an eminence as a doctor. Graduated in March 1855 in Germany, a young man still came to Mexican lands. He was a doctor of the Republican Army during the French Intervention.From his arrival to Culiacan it was meant by his solidarity with the people, founding and directing for many years the Hospital del Carmen. He was a professor and synodal on several occasions at the National College of Rosales. As an important member of the Board of State Studies, he helped boost education at all levels. On January 28, 1888 he published the report corresponding to the first six months of the existence of the Hospital del Carmen. During that period, out of 114 patients who were treated, 26 died, 66 were healed and 22 were hospitalized. The diseases that proliferated were syphilis, thisis and malaria fevers. The City Council of Culiacán, for the delivery it showed during one of the epidemics that ravaged the region, gave it a well-deserved public recognition. Men like Dr. Ignacio Praslow arrive very occasionally in foreign lands to give all their knowledge for the better of humanity, without seeing race or color, without expecting anything in return. Unfortunately he is one of the men forgotten by today’s generations. Dr. Ignacio Praslow died in the city of Culiacan on 16 May 1899. 

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