translated from Spanish: Supreme Court granted Bail to Rafael Garay

The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court granted on May 14, in a split vote, the bail of Rafael Garay, sentenced to 7 years in prison for the crime of repeated scams. According to El Mercurio, in Gendarmerie’s psychosocial report » does not refer to categorical backgrounds that guide risk factors for recidivism of the amparado, which prevent the recognition of its possibility of re-entering society at the time of application for parole, as expressed by Decree Law No. 321, in the current text of Article 2 3″. The resolution adds that it appears «of becoming clear that the appellant satisfies the requirements of the abovementioned regulatory body for the granting of parole». Therefore, the judgment of May 7, of the Court of Appeals of Santiago, taking the appeal for the commercial engineer, recognizing his right to probation, was reversed. They voted against the ministers K-nsem-ller and Valderrama, the first on their own grounds and the second on the grounds of the conviction that the convicted man did not meet the requirements to benefit. According to the morning, Garay should sign once a week in the Metropolitan Region. However, due to quarantine in the capital, the office where you should go is closed. It should be recalled that the commercial engineer was sentenced on 18 October 2018 to the 7-year prison sentence and compensation of those affected, after confirming that he denified 29 people, amounting to about 1.3 billion pesos.

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