translated from Spanish: Adrián Suar and Marcelo Tinelli gathered at Casa Rosada to advance the flexibility of the audiovisual sector

After 16 hours, Adrián Suar and Marcelo Tinelli arrived at the Government House to advance the flexibility of the audiovisual sector, which interrupted their productions and many of their programs in the framework of the implementation of social isolation, preventive and mandatory. The driver – who for weeks indicated that his production already has the requested sanitary measures – intends to return with a new edition of Showmatch in June if the activity begins to be enabled.

Tinelli and Suar gathered at Casa Rosada to determine the future of the audiovisual sector

In the case of Pol-ka’s founding member and programming manager of El Trece, he recently had to suspend one of his daily “Separate” strips, and the future of his productions is at risk, including the second season of “El Tigre Verón” (one of the main projects to be resumed when the authorities establish it).

Suar and Tinelli met with the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, and the Minister of Health, Ginés González García to advance the implementation of health protocols “for the sectors of film and television production”, Infobae reported.The meeting was held, in the Scientists’ Hall, headed by the head of ministers, also participated the president of the National Institute of Film and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), Luis Puzoen; The Under-Secretary-General of the Presidency, Miguel Cuberos, and Cecilia Todesca, Deputy Chief of Cabinet.

Marcelo Tinelli and Adrián Suar Photo: Instagram @elchuecosuar

Recently, the driver of the Dancer revealed in a round trip with his followers, that he estimates to return with the show by June. “We are preparing very good things. I hope it’s as soon as possible. Quarantine is barely loosened. We have all the protocol ready. Stage ready. Couples confirmed. I hope it’s in June,” he slipped into his Instagram stories.

Will this meeting be key to the future of the audiovisual sector? It should be remembered that this weekend President Alberto Fernández will give a new statement that this Sunday 24 would end the date stipulated for social and preventive isolation, to detail how the situation of the country evolves – among them, cultural activity and entertainment was one of the most affected – in the face of the pandemic.

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