translated from Spanish: Opposition for demonstrations in El Bosque: “If the Government does not act quickly, today will continue to be repeated”

PS President Alvaro Elizalde criticized the Executive’s unsea speed and decision regarding the implementation of social policies regarding support for families most affected by the current covid-19 crisis and which today resulted in violent demonstrations over food shortages in the commune of El Bosque.
In his sayings, Elizalde argued that “if the Government does not act quickly and decisively, such dramatic situations as what has been seen today in the commune of El Bosque” will continue to be repeated, in which dozens of people rose up demanding answers, after ensuring an obvious lack of food. “Weeks ago we warned the Government of the need to act expeditiously in measures to protect workers, workers and their families, especially to protect their jobs and incomes. The need to expand coverage of the initiatives being implemented,” maule added the legislator.
Elizalde added that “if families do not have what it takes to survive, they will not comply with the quarantine measures that are essential to prevent the spread of Covid-19,” alluding to the demonstrations that occurred and the breakdown of confinements.
Faced with this, the helmsman PS added that “Chile has the tools to carry out an ambitious fiscal spending and an adequate protective social policy that allows us to better address the social consequences of this pandemic”, he concluded.
“It’s time to take even more forceful action”
The socialist parliamentarian’s sayings were joined by the Falangist President Fuad Chahín, who today asked the government of Sebastián Piñera to speed up the aid promised to families, expand measures for SMEs and the middle class, as well as respond to the proposal for a dialogue table between the Government and the opposition – formulated last Friday – to design permanent policies and to reach a social pact to bail out Chile.
“That’s why, in addition to the food boxes that were advertised and the insufficient emergency income, it is time to take even more forceful and permanent measures. That is why the Bureau of Dialogue between Government and Opposition that we have raised with the President is so important, so that tackling the crisis is a state policy and not simply the Executive. We’re going out of this together or we’re going out together,” he says.
“But for that we have to work together, and incorporate all the looks. That’s the call we made to the President of the Republic on Friday, through a letter, but so far we haven’t had an answer,” he acknowledges.
As for the protests in El Bosque commune today, DC argued that “we have already seen protests resulting from the inability to have government responses to the lack of income caused by the economic and social crisis resulting from Covid-19. For this reason, it is time to make tangible, broad and also reachable announcements for the middle class as there are many middle-class families who stayed are incomes and have debts to cover, feed their families, and yet have had no answers.”
“The government has come behind the pandemic. It must take much more universal, simpler, more debureaucraticized measures that work across municipalities. It should also implement measures such as the withdrawal of funds from AFP funds with a cap; will be returned with a recognition bonus when the state has the resources to do so. All these things are of the utmost importance and go directly to helping all the families in our country,” concludes President DC.

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