translated from Spanish: Squares, cinemas, gardens and more spaces will remain enclosed in Mexico by Covid-19

CDMX.- On the 57th day of the National Day of Healthy Distance, Hugo López-Gatell warned that the restrictions in the country regarding daily activities outside the home have not been completed. The National Day of Healthy Distance is not over, there are still 13 days before this day concludes, on May 30, said Hugo López-Gatell at the press conference on this Monday, May 18.

“When the National Day of Healthy Distance is lifted, on Monday the first of June, that the citizens do not think, please that this is recorded, do not think the citizenship that on the first of June we return to normal, we go back to all the activities that we had been doing, it will not be so, it will not be so, the way it will happen is that in each state early to the first of June , on the weekend before Monday the first of June, we will present the state that guards the Covid pandemic in each of the 32 federal entities and will be represented by a traffic light, traffic light of the epidemiological risk that considers some variables,” he reported.” This day, moreover, is not enough to remind those who have thought that I have already thought that it includes the provisional suspension of all, all, all jobs that have not been classified as essential in the agreement of the Secretary of Health dated 31 March,” he added. He emphasized that the social and recreational activity in the public space will continue to be suspended. 
Squares, gardens, beaches, museums, theaters, cinemas, concert halls, everything, everything must remain without activity and there should be no public congregations in the open squares or the enclosed enclosures where more than 50 people are concentrated, this is the Day of Healthy Distance

Said. He also reiterated that the suspension of classes at all levels of education, in schools belonging to the public, private or social sectors will also remain without teaching until further notice. Gatell insisted that even Mexico throughout the territory is at the time of maximum transmission of the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

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