translated from Spanish: There is no place for voices that seek to divide the people of Mexico: GPPMORENA

Morelia, Michoacán.- The Parliamentary Group of Morena (GPPMORENA), at the Local Congress, spoke out against disqualifications by the government of Michoacán, towards the revival measures proposed by the Federation and the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who seek only to return to the new normal that the country will have to live in the short , medium and long term, by formalizing a traffic light system to assess epidemiological risk, to the extent that the federal entities are prepared after COVID-19.
Therefore, the Coordinator of the GPPMORENA in Michoacán, Sergio Báez Torres, recalled that only by unifying between the different orders of government, will the correct implementation of public policies, which serve as a tool for citizens, to get out in front of the pandemic that has caused a health crisis around the world, so he stated that the voices that instead of adding , they intend to subtract and divide the people of Mexico, they do not take place in the prosperity of our country.
The Members of Morena stress that they will not fall into provocation or diatribe, as legitimate representatives of the Michoacans, so they will continue the route drawn by the Mexican State.
For GPPMORENA, there will already be time to carry out reforms to fiscal federalism and update public policies to the new conditions required by the country. For the time soon they will continue to comply, without haggling is absolutely nothing to the people of Michoacán and the people of Mexico.
The Morenista legislator clarified that, in the case of Michoacán, the traffic light system will apply only to the municipalities of Cotija, Tocumbo and Ting-indín, having been classified as “municipalities of Hope”, and that they will be able to resume their work and school activities, provided that they continue to apply the health protocols that ensure the well-being of their inhabitants.
In economic matters, Báez Torres emphasized the Federal Government’s commitment to all the states of the Republic, and that is that the Michoacan entity does not present any arrears of resources in accordance with the 28th and 33rd, as mentioned in the First Quarterly Report of the Public Account with a cut of March 31 of the current year.
In this tenor, the Bank of Morena demanded the governor of Michoacán, regularize the situation of the resources owed and stop suffocating the municipalities.
“The federal government is complying with the people of Michoacán, so we ask the Governor of the State to already devote the issues of the state; the times for further transformation of the country will continue as planned by the Government of Mexico and will not be acted upon pressure and less on the basis of the political prominence and opportunism of some Governors.”

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