translated from Spanish: Academics donate supplies to Michoacán covid hospitals

Morelia, Michoacán. Members of Michoacán’s academic sector donated inputs to the eastern region of the state, with materials made by the state’s academics. Tlalpajahua authorities received intubation booths and masks developed by Michoacán academics, with the aim of supporting the state health sector in this pandemic, the government of the entity notes.

These inputs were delivered to serve the eastern region of the state, such as Senguio, Contepec, Epitacio Huerta, Maravatío and Tlalpajua, according to the newsletter shared by the government institution. José Luis Montañez Espinosa, general director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation and José Hernández Arreola, director of the College of Scientific and Technological Studies of Michoacán, made the delivery of the teams.
Montañez Espinoza, highlighted the participation of Hernández Arreola, who in addition to providing the inputs, also works on the linkage of state education institutions with the health sector to bring the equipment they make and help to face the pandemic, noted independence. The official added that tech, state universities and other educational institutions were tasked with designing, producing and donating intubation boxes and masks requested by health authorities to deal with the current contingency.

In this battle against the #COVID19 we are not alone, there are many people who from their trenches do their best to make Michoacán succeed.
Thanks to the Developer of Ecological Environments S.A de C.V for her contribution to this battle.— MICHOACÁN HEALTH SECRETARIAT (@SALUDMICH)
May 19, 2020

It also noted that these models were perfected with the help of the Polytechnic University and that these inputs had benefited the Secretary of Health, ISSTE, as well as other municipalities that have requested the assistance. Finally, it highlighted the particular case of Tlalpujahua, which on the initiative of Mayor Salvador Tapia Hernández, converted its hospital facilities into Regional Medical Center, with a specialized area and competent personnel for sampling for COVID-19 to the population arriving with suspicious signs.
In conjunction with the Secretary of Health, a protocol was established to provide health care that works as follows; in addition to a medical assessment is performed to patients who have symptoms of Covid-19, the samples are encapsulated and sent to the centers established in Morelia.You may be interested:CDMX reaches 14,566 cases of coronavirusCinemex install Autocine in GuadalajaraCDMX will be attached to phase traffic lights to return to activitiesDuring the expectation of the results, the patient is in isolation and if positive they enter it, Montañez Espinoza, noted that thanks to this procedure 7 case has been detected in the region, according to the newsletter.

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