translated from Spanish: Deputy Schalper asks to investigate those who projected the word “Hunger” in building

Mr. Diego Schalper (RN) asked on Tuesday for an investigation into those who projected the word “Hunger” in the Telefónica Tower.
“That the word ‘Hunger’ is projected into a building in downtown Santiago is something that does not arise from three people who went through and center with a data show,” He told radio Agricultura.
“I hope that the Prosecutor’s Office will investigate, because if there are some who want to take advantage of or want to instrumentalize this legitimate anguish that many people feel to put political colors on it, or to bring it to their home, that is unacceptable in times of pandemic and therefore we have to investigate and pursue it,” he added.
On the demonstrations in El Bosque, he said that “you have to know how to distinguish the legitimate anguish that many people feel, because they have probably lost their jobs, because they live up to date and are not receiving income.” That’s why he empathizes.
On the contrary, it criticized the Broad Front sector for not collaborating. “By God it’s important to pass bills on time, because if the opposition hadn’t extended us by two weeks, Emergency Family Income might be delivering it today.
“What I am looking at, unfortunately, in some colleagues on the Broad Front is that they are more concerned with helping to make the problem bigger than the problem is solved,” Schalper concluded.

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